The #MOLP Judgemental Gallery

Judges' GalleryWe are delighted to reveal a few behind the scenes images of some of our judges scoring the entries for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

Please click here to view the gallery and have a gentle peruse!

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Buy the Book & Get a Tree!

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology cover - A Tree Planted For Every PurchaseClick to pre-order.

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2014-15 was a truly unique international writing competition that sought excellence in two categories; short stories and poetry.

This anthology contains the 10 best pieces and winners from each category. They were awarded the highest marks by 21 judges from around the world, which were whittled down from almost 800 entries received from 31 countries.

In association with the Community Carbon Link, we planted a tree for every single entry received in a tropical Word Forest in Bore, Kenya.

For every purchase of the anthology in paperback or e-book, we will plant another tree in the Word Forest and we’ll also contribute royalties that will fund the building of an urgently needed classroom at the Kundeni School.

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What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants a friend of sun and sky; He plants the flag of breezes free; The shaft of beauty, towering high; He plants a home to heaven anigh; For song and mother-croon of bird In hushed and happy twilight heard--- The treble of heaven's harmony--- These things he plants who plants a tree. What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants cool shade and tender rain, And seed and bud of days to be, And years that fade and flush again; He plants the forest's heritage; The harvest of a coming age; The joy that unborn eyes shall see--- These things he plants who plants a tree.  What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants, in sap and leaf and wood, In love of home and loyalty And far-cast thought of civic good--- His blessings on the neighborhood Who in the hollow of His hand Holds all the growth of all our land--- A nation's growth from sea to sea Stirs in his heart who plants a tree.One of our Twitter friends, Shirley Harber, just pointed us in the direction of a beautiful poem called In the Heart of the Tree by Henry Cuyler Bunner.

As we slowly descend the other side of a long and positively magical weekend with our amazing literary prize judges, I thought I’d take a silent moment to read and share it with you.

I’ve much to report back to you about our discussions with the judges, including Ru Hartwell, our Word Forest Coordinator, whose unenviable task it is to sort out planting a tree for every entry we received.

There’s heaps of stuff to do and a pile of things to put away, but let’s face it, there are always things to do and countless things that need putting away…

Time for some poet-tree and a cup of tea I think.

The Team
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Unveiling the Judges for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

Carl Honoré author & judge for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015
Carl Honoré author & judge for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015

We are beside ourselves with excitement and delighted to unveil the line up of judges for our literary prize.

We have a unique blend of internationally acclaimed authors, poets, editors, producers, performers, publishers, environmental campaigners, a forestry expert and more from the UK, America, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Please hop across to our dedicated page for the judges and wish them luck as they get their teeth into the entries this weekend!

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Guest Post: Magic and Method of Becoming a Writer

Man writing with a penWhen I first read of Magic Oxygen’s Literary Prize competition, it presented something of a dilemma for me.

I’ve always written old-fashioned tales of the supernatural – ghost stories, chiefly – in a determinedly fey and poetical style. How to adjust, to write something at once more modern but also worthy of the publishing company’s excellent work in general and its progressive ethos?

A hard task, it appeared. The problem, though, swiftly became a pleasure.

In effect the writing of my first short story, in the competitive sphere at least, gave me a welcome and vital ‘holiday from myself.’ It truly made for a refreshing change, its challenges even brought new insights on my novel-writing and plotting to the fore; all in all, I found inspiration for potential stories, long and short, along with a new impetus and passion for the craft itself.

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Breathing Life Into Words