The Lyme Literary Festival: 9-15 February 2015

Lyme Regis Beach2015 – I hear you cry – that’s ages away!

Might I be the first to remind you that in just over 12 weeks, we’ll be on the run up to Christmas; eek…

It’s fantastic news that Lyme Regis is going to have its own literary festival and quite right too, there’s heaps of talent in them there hills and we should know, we’re publishing some of it.

Simon and I are willingly assisting the organisers and doing all we can to ensure the events are packed with talks, workshops, interviews, performances and more, from some of the most entertaining and informative writers this side of the Watford Gap…we might even get some in from further than that.

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How Alex Smith & Josh Woodward Brought #MOLP to Life

#MOLP, as you may already be aware, is our fond family name for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

We launched our teaser trailer video at the beginning of June and it has proved to be a very successful little marketing tool to get it out into the world.

It was created by Alex Smith, a 16 year old student at the time, who was delighted to make it to boost his portfolio as he prepared to set off on a quest for a permanent job as a graphic designer.

Tracey West was the creative director for the project and Simon West started the ball rolling by selecting the soundtrack that the promo was to be set to. Simon knew exactly where to seek out the perfect piece of music and headed straight towards singer and songwriter Josh Woodward. Lovers of Ubuntu will easily recognise the demo music he created for Canonicalclick here to listen; incidentally, Josh won the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase 10.10 with it!

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New Authors Alert!

Chicken on a BBQI do love sharing good news.

Over the summer, Magic Oxygen Publishing signed contracts with some pretty impressive established authors.

They include Chris Hill, whose previous novel Song of the Sea God recently won yet another award and the wonderful children’s author Sue Hampton, whose notable back catalogue comprises over 20 best selling novels for young readers.

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize: can you help spread the word?

KnotI know, I know, I’m being a tad ambitious but after penning our recent post about where entries for our literary competition originated from, I started thinking about the places we haven’t yet reached.

If I could just nip around to your house – yes you – I promise you faithfully, I would bring biscuits, I’d get your kettle on for tea and I’d give you a little poster about it to put up in your local library or surgery, or anywhere else you fancy come to that.

Unfortunately, rather like Anastasia Steele, I’m a little bit tied up at the moment…oh my.

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Where Have Entries Arrived From for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize?

Old British postage stampI must be honest, it’s been something of a delightful surprise.

Not least because we’ve been startled to see how far around the world news of our little competition has spread, but also, some of the postage stamps have been quite funky.

What a clever little #MOLP!

Both postal and online entries have poured in from the four corners of the globe and if things continue going the same way, our dear postie might have to resort to wearing a corset!

We’ve received short stories and poems from the UK as you would expect, but also from Australia, throughout Europe, Asia, several of the American states, Canada, New Zealand and more.

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