Should I Enter the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize?

Neon Clock FaceAbsolutely!

As it stands, you currently have one month, one week and two days to enter our literary  prize competition.

Interestingly enough, we have a very similar numbers of short stories versus poems, if you’ll pardon the pun and we’d love to balance a few more on our ever growing pile of virtual paper!

We are planting a tree for every single entry we receive and are enormously excited about our Word Forest which is being coordinated by Ru Hartwell, a man entirely dedicated to countless planting schemes around the world.

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@MagicOxygen Are Giving Away a Kindle Fire Tablet!

Kindle Fire TabletThe Team are busy processing the entries for our Literary Prize which closes at the end of November.

As if there wasn’t enough excitement buzzing around the office, we thought we’d also run a prize draw to win a fabulous 6″ Kindle Fire Tablet too!

As well as being able to read your favourite books on the device, it’s also WIFI enabled with a super fast processor, it has a beautiful 6″ HD display, front and rear cameras and 8GB of storage.

The draw is free to enter, it’s open to anyone* who has a valid Facebook and Twitter account, living anywhere in the world.

All we need you to do is take a look at and Like our funky 36 second trailer for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, Like our Facebook page, Follow Us on Twitter, then send us your details via the entry form below and you’re in!

When the winner is picked, we will need to validate that all of the above requirements have been met. Please read the instructions carefully and ensure you have ticked all the boxes, or your entry will be invalid.

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The Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: thoughts & innovations

A large blow up book
© Frankfurt Book Fair / Peter Hirth

Having been to the London Book Fair this year, I can tell you my feet were quite unforgiving for several days.

LBF2014 was a tremendously impressive show for many reasons, not least for the fact that it restored my faith in the paperback book buying market. Virginia Woolstencroft of Harper Collins described it as, ‘Impressive as ever, a brilliant hub of literary activity and a great week for all publishers’ and a smattering of instantly recognisable famous faces brought further glittery sparkle to a work event that was anything but work.

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The Lyme Literary Festival: 9-15 February 2015

Lyme Regis Beach2015 – I hear you cry – that’s ages away!

Might I be the first to remind you that in just over 12 weeks, we’ll be on the run up to Christmas; eek…

It’s fantastic news that Lyme Regis is going to have its own literary festival and quite right too, there’s heaps of talent in them there hills and we should know, we’re publishing some of it.

Simon and I are willingly assisting the organisers and doing all we can to ensure the events are packed with talks, workshops, interviews, performances and more, from some of the most entertaining and informative writers this side of the Watford Gap…we might even get some in from further than that.

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How Alex Smith & Josh Woodward Brought #MOLP to Life

#MOLP, as you may already be aware, is our fond family name for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

We launched our teaser trailer video at the beginning of June and it has proved to be a very successful little marketing tool to get it out into the world.

It was created by Alex Smith, a 16 year old student at the time, who was delighted to make it to boost his portfolio as he prepared to set off on a quest for a permanent job as a graphic designer.

Tracey West was the creative director for the project and Simon West started the ball rolling by selecting the soundtrack that the promo was to be set to. Simon knew exactly where to seek out the perfect piece of music and headed straight towards singer and songwriter Josh Woodward. Lovers of Ubuntu will easily recognise the demo music he created for Canonicalclick here to listen; incidentally, Josh won the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase 10.10 with it!

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Breathing Life Into Words