The Winner of April’s Mini-MOLP Writing Contest

Mini-MOLP Writing Contest Winner Jennifer TuckerWe are absolutely delighted to announce the winner of our Letter to the Planet Mini-MOLP writing contest!

The accolade was worthily bagged by Jennifer Tucker with a brilliantly penned piece entitled, Nil Desperandum.

Jennifer grew up a tiny cottage in the grounds of a castle and family legend has it that she descended from an infamous pirate (much to the amusement of her fencing coach at the time of that discovery). Consequently, she has always had a fondness for the fantasy genre. That said, thanks to an accident involving the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a staircase and a nasty attack of gravity, she ended up more of a fan of science fiction and sci-fi humour.

Jennifer commented, “It’s a real honour to be the winner of the inaugural mini-MOLP. I really admire the work that Simon and Tracey are doing with Magic Oxygen and its ethos of giving back to the global community. Their tree planting and classroom building in Kenya is a truly inspiring vision that deserves lots of support, and I’m thrilled to be a little part of it all!”

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Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for May: Eco-Flash Fiction

Aurora borealisThe second Mini-MOLP writing contest is now open and we’re as fired up as the Aurora Borealis about receiving your entries!

April’s contest, Letter to the Planet, evoked some rather splendid pieces of work and we will be announcing the winner shortly.

Flash fiction is undoubtedly one of the most challenging genres of creative writing and one where every single word really does count.

Will yours contain the key elements of a story with a convincing protagonist, a splash of conflict, some obstacles or complications and will it conclude with a satisfying resolution?

One thing’s for sure, a powerful storyline wrapped in brevity holds the key to bagging our first prize and only you can decide what’s going to happen.

It is not a pre-requisite but you might like to take inspiration from Earth Day or National Gardening Week.

You have up to 250 words to play with and every single one matters!

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Last Few Days to Enter the April Mini-MOLP Writing Contest

Organic cotton is grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is cultivated on land that has been treated and given at least 3 years for the removal of all the toxic residues of any previously used chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The cotton comes from non-GM plants and is not treated with any chemicals (washes, bleaches, colours, or scents) during its processing or packaging.

Our office has been buzzing with cosmic excitement – well, we are drawing close the end of the first Mini-MOLP and the theme is ‘Letter to the Planet’, so you can’t really blame us!

The entry fee is just £3.50 and the winners of the Mini-MOLPS are set to bag three completely amazing prizes.

Not only will they have a beautiful tree planted for their entry in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya, but they will also be sent 10 of our best-selling titles and they’ll also receive a fabulously unique prize too…

For our April writing contest it will be an absolutely gorgeous organic cotton tee-shirt with the winning entry emblazoned across the front! How funkily-eco will you feel wearing that as you sit with your favourite brew in one hand and a pencil in the other as you flesh out another piece of brilliant creative writing?

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Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for April: Letter to the Planet

The World: poster for Letter to the Planet Mini-MOLP1The inaugural Mini-MOLP is now open and we are delighted to present you with a literary playground where you can let your imagination run wild!

Your letter to the planet can be written by anybody or anything, living, dead or otherwise, there are no rules as far as that’s concerned.

Is it a humble apology, is it a promise-to-do-better letter, is it a note from a creature who has worked out a new strategy to survive?

Only you can decide!

It is not a pre-requisite but you might like to take inspiration from Earth Day or National Gardening Week.

You have up to 350 words to play with and every single one counts, including the address and your sign off at the bottom of the letter.

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The Winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016

The winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016We are absolutely thrilled to announce the winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016!

We are pressing the pause button and enjoying a spot of post-event respite however, in the coming days, we’ll publish our short story and poetry report so you can get a tantalising taster of what the winning pieces are all about.

Don’t forget, if you’d like a copy of our fabulous anthology, it is available to order from your local bookshop and from our shop too and a tree will be planted for every single one bought.

Short Stories

1st – £1,000
John Irving Clarke, England
Into the Driving Rain

2nd – £300
Sandra Crook, England

3rd – £100
Fee Johnstone, Scotland
Drag Hag

Highly Commended – £50
Lynne McVernon, England
ADHD for Beginners
Maris Morton, Australia
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Get Your FREE Tickets to MOLP2s Prize Giving Extravaganza!

MOLP Anthology 2016 coverIf you’re a book lover, you’re going to love this multi-layered festival of the written word and celebration of literature!

We’ll be proudly announcing the winners in the short story and poetry categories of the prestigious Magic Oxygen Literary Prize (fondly known as MOLP), meeting some of the winners and  shortlisters and hearing excerpts from a selection of the best entries.

This event will also be live streamed around the world on YouTube – we had entrants from 34 countries and cannot guarantee the winners are even in England!

We’ll also be launching fabulous new titles by aromatherapist Heather Godfrey, author and playwright Max Brandt, dystopian sci-fi author Connor Cadellin McKee and local children’s author, Tony Lambert.

Additionally, we’ll be showcasing recently released titles from the accomplished author Sue Hampton, new author Leslie Tate and sustainability expert Elizabeth J Walker. Continue reading

The Mini-MOLPs

Mini-MOLP launch date posterThe Mini-MOLPs are a series of five diverse writing competitions with thought provoking themes inspired by international environmental awareness campaigns.

They were created by the founders of the very eco-friendly Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and just as with MOLP, a tree will be planted for every single entry.

Each writing competition will run for one month, beginning on the 1st April and then consecutively through to the 31st August. Entry is just £3.50 and competitors are encouraged to find creative energy from either of the suggested campaigns in each contest.

The winning authors and poets will have their work showcased in the next MOLP anthology (due spring 2017).

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015-16: the shortlist


We are thrilled to announce the shortlist for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, 2015-16.

We received almost 1,000 entries from 32 countries – exceeding last year on both counts – and once again, the quality was high and incredibly diverse.

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016: the judges

The MOLP 2016 judgesWe are absolutely delighted to reveal the judgemental line up for MOLP 2016!

If you were involved in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize last year, you’ll probably recognise a few familiar faces but we have also been very fortunate to welcome a handful of new literary lovers to our esteemed team too.

The process for judging the entries this year was incredibly challenging for one of the hard-working MOLP founders, our resident super-geek, Simon West.

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We’re Hosting a Free Anti-Fracking Documentary in Lyme Regis

Sandie June Roach from NZMagic Oxygen was founded with a strong green pulse and we’re delighted to tell you about an event we are hosting soon.

Frack Free Lyme Regis and Knit for the Planet would be delighted if you could attend a FREE film screening of a powerful anti-fracking documentary, The Truth Behind the Dash for Gas, by Marco Jackson.

It will be held at the Woodmead Halls in Lyme Regis on Saturday 20th February 2016, 6.30-9pm.

Click here to get your FREE tickets!

The film examines the potential impacts of fracking and coal bed methane extraction in Somerset and beyond. It includes the social, health and environmental consequences associated with unconventional gas drilling.

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Awards & Festival of Words

MOLP2 Get Your Tickets PosterMy word, what a journey we’ve been on since the opening of MOLP1 through to the closing of MOLP2!

Last year, the first Magic Oxygen Literary Prize received almost 800 entries from 31 countries; this year we have exceeded that on both fronts!

If you put an entry into the second Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, I am sure you are champing at the bit to know how you did.

Suffice to say, you’ll soon receive an electronic certificate with the GPS reference of where your trees are planted. It’s our thank you for entering the only writing contest where everyone wins.

We hope you feel as chuffed when you receive the coordinates, as we feel sending them out!

The Word Forest is indeed a legacy reforestation project. Ru Hartwell, the project coordinator, said in an email to us earlier:

This is a serious bit of tropical forest, a serious bit of classroom building, a serious bit of creative writing and a serious bit of carbon absorption as well. How can one project tick so many boxes and tick ’em so well?

The talented shortlisters from MOLP2 will be announced very soon.

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Would you Like a Tree in the Word Forest?

gofundmenowAs you have probably gathered, the second Magic Oxygen Literary Prize has just drawn to a close.

Phew… the office computers are still whizzing at 1am.

We hope you will be fired up to enter MOLP3 in the not too distant future but while you’re waiting, if you would like to buy a tree in the Word Forest, guess what, YOU CAN!

Last year we set up a Go Fund Me campaign for people who didn’t want to enter the contest but who wanted to help us expand the Word Forest.

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