Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Awards & Festival of Words

MOLP2 Get Your Tickets PosterMy word, what a journey we’ve been on since the opening of MOLP1 through to the closing of MOLP2!

Last year, the first Magic Oxygen Literary Prize received almost 800 entries from 31 countries; this year we have exceeded that on both fronts!

If you put an entry into the second Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, I am sure you are champing at the bit to know how you did.

Suffice to say, you’ll soon receive an electronic certificate with the GPS reference of where your trees are planted. It’s our thank you for entering the only writing contest where everyone wins.

We hope you feel as chuffed when you receive the coordinates, as we feel sending them out!

The Word Forest is indeed a legacy reforestation project. Ru Hartwell, the project coordinator, said in an email to us earlier:

This is a serious bit of tropical forest, a serious bit of classroom building, a serious bit of creative writing and a serious bit of carbon absorption as well. How can one project tick so many boxes and tick ’em so well?

The talented shortlisters from MOLP2 will be announced very soon.

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Would you Like a Tree in the Word Forest?

gofundmenowAs you have probably gathered, the second Magic Oxygen Literary Prize has just drawn to a close.

Phew… the office computers are still whizzing at 1am.

We hope you will be fired up to enter MOLP3 in the not too distant future but while you’re waiting, if you would like to buy a tree in the Word Forest, guess what, YOU CAN!

Last year we set up a Go Fund Me campaign for people who didn’t want to enter the contest but who wanted to help us expand the Word Forest.

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Today is the Last Day to Get Your Entries into MOLP!

Back of a zebraPhew…  our tech team are industriously processing last minute entries to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize but it closes at midnight GMT tonight!

It has been coined the greenest writing contest in the world and we’re looking for short stories of up to 4,000 words or poems of up to 50 lines, on any topic.

Your entry will stand you in with a chance of winning a slice of the £3,000 prize fund. Additionally, we’ll plant a tree for every single entry and the contest is also funding the build of an urgently needed schoolroom at Kundeni Primary School in Bore, Kenya.

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The Greenest Writing Contest in the World: ends soon!

You have only three days left to get your short stories and poems into the only literary prize in the world to plant a tree for every single entry!

Hope you enjoy our (daft) video message!

The Team

The World’s Greenest Writing Contest Closes Soon!

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Closes SoonThere are just over 100 hours to go for you to get your entry into what has been coined as, ‘the greenest writing contest in the world’!

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is the only literary competition on the planet to plant a tree for every single entry and it is also funding the build of an urgently needed new school house at Kundeni Primary School in Bore, Kenya too.

We think these are two fairly impressive reasons to enter your short stories and poems, but don’t forget, there’s also £3,000 in the prize fund too!

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Anti-Fracking Update From the Downing Street Hunger Striker: Day 14

gayzer_petitionDear Anti-Fracking Friends Everywhere,

Gayzer Frackman is now on his 14th day of hunger strike in the Protest Pen opposite No 10 Downing Street.

He is still trying to get David Cameron to come and speak to him about fracking, to no avail.

Despite the fact we haven’t had any weighty awareness raised via the media, we have somehow managed to inspire 521 people to sign this and it has caught the eye of a few high profile voices too. On behalf of Gayzer, we send heartfelt thanks to you all – now it’s time to ramp things up a bit…

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Anti-fracking Hunger Striker: needs your signature & support

Gayzer Frackman Anti-Fracking Petition on 38%We urgently need your help.

Click here to go straight to our 38° petition to get David Cameron to go and talk to Gayzer Frackman. He’s a passionate advocate for anti-fracking, currently on his 12th day of hunger strike outside Downing Street and he simply wants to talk to David Cameron.

On Monday 23rd November, Gayzer Frackman, sited himself in the official Protest Pen opposite No 10 Downing Street and started a hunger strike – today (Friday 4th December) is his 12th day without food.

His request is very simple; he wants to speak to David Cameron to present him with scientific evidence and to show him the social opposition to fracking, particularly from Lancashire where he lives, but he also acts as a passionate green voice for many people in the UK who feel the same way.

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Free Screening of GASWORK by Josh Fox in Lyme Regis

Poster for the documentary GASWORK by Josh FoxMagic Oxygen Publishing and the Turn Lyme Green community group are delighted to invite you to a free screening of a powerful documentary called GASWORK, by Josh Fox.

In 2012, Josh met the Bevins family at an anti-fracking rally in Philadelphia. They were holding signs that said, “A life lost in the rush to drill.”

GASWORK follows Charlotte Bevins as she fights for CJ’s Law, a bill to protect workers named after her brother CJ Bevins, who died on an unsafe drilling site.

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There’s (Naked) Literary Magic on the Horizon

John Suchet from Classic FMThere I was, going quietly about my business, when John Suchet from Classic FM mentioned it was just six weeks to Christmas!

Where on earth did September and October go?

Well, The Team were squirrelled away for most of it preparing a few new titles for market which we’ll tell you about shortly and on a personal note, the Editor in Chief Simon West and I pressed the pause button to visit family during half-term.

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Hampton and Tate: A Double Bill of Purple Out Soon!

Front cover of Flashback and Purple by Sue HamptonIt has been all hands to the printing presses for the past few weeks at Magic Towers!

Hot on the heels of releasing sustainable expert Elizabeth J Walker’s new title, The Resilience Handbook, we are very proud to announce the imminent arrival of two more books on our shelf; official publication date Monday 12th October 2015.

Sue Hampton presents a fantastic new title called Flashback and Purple and interestingly enough, it isn’t for her usual market of children; this is very much an adult read and it is being met with rousing applause.

Sue explains, “It’s not easy to make a living as an author in a book world that can be cruel and is certainly ruled by the bottom line. In an hour’s audience a few years ago with the Children’s Fiction Editor at the biggest publisher in the country I was told, in the end, that my range was very impressive but they “wouldn’t know how to brand me.”

I don’t want to be branded. I write in different styles exploring different kinds of story – dark and light, funny and very serious, historical and futuristic as well as contemporary – because that’s fun, and exciting. I’d hate to be limited to the same genre or audience or even keep revisiting the same characters. I like to think I have stories for everyone, I’m doing what I love and of course I’m learning all the time.”

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New book: The Resilience Handbook by Elizabeth J Walker

Front cover of The Resilience Handbook by Elizabeth J Walker
Click to enlarge

We are truly delighted to announce the safe arrival of The Resilience Handbook: how to survive in the 21st century.

It has been penned by sustainability expert Elizabeth J Walker and kicks off with a poignant foreword by eco-author and broadcaster, Tracey West (The Book of Rubbish Ideas).

For want of a better line to describe it, it’s precisely what it says on the tin!

Click here to take a look at a handful of the pages.

Elizabeth is a teacher and writer with an Honours degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University with countless years of experience living ‘off the grid’. Her new book  unlocks the secrets of how to manage the complexities of a modern world to create a future with less energy use, and a better quality of life.

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Breathing Life Into Words