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a very dark hour

The strength that the nameless man had built grew day by day, hour by hour. He called out to the sun and told her how strong he was, and the sun smiled on him as she always does. So he took his new found strength and resolved to tell the one “No more!”. The nameless man tried to do everything right, but everything went wrong. He had sought advice and it went wrong. He used trusted friends judgement, and still his words were turned to vitriol to be thrown back at him. And finally, when he tried to take a stand, and he found he could not. He crumbled, with every ounce of resistance he could muster being simply not… enough. So he bargained for peace, for a return to his former self.

He retreated into his shell, safe in the knowledge that at least the sun would shine on him from time to time, but he didn’t understand the true nature of the bargain he had wrought. His bargain had sent him to the dark side of his small world, and the sun had gone, never to return. And he wept, his salt tears building to a flood, and the flood building to an ocean and the wave of the ocean swept everything before it.

But nothing is a true ending… and in almost no time he was before the one again. And the strength he thought he had was multiplied a thousand fold by the loss he felt for the sun, and he cried out “No more!” and the one said he should be free… but her words were slippery and all too soon he knew that although she said he should be, he never would be free as long as the one was stronger than he.