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Who is “me”?

son, brother, friend, lover
colleague, mate or employee
father, carer, so many others
so I wonder who is “me”?

fitting into others’ boxes
being what I think they crave
do it so much on the journey
I lose “me” along the way

And so a time of introspection
make me fresh from what has gone
find the “me” that’s really inside
what must stay, what must be done

gather strength from friends around me
feel surprise at what they see
even my own thoughts astound me
so far down lies what is “me”

so I start on this great journey
learn, examine, with thought and care
for to leave “me” undiscovered
would be a loss I could not bear

One day, soon, I know I will find
all the “me” that’s hidden deep
then the “me” so fresh uncovered
may regain contented sleep

© Simon West 2011