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What Matters

Just how big is your home loan?
Does your car go real fast?
How much stuff do you now own?
Is your fortune vast?
Does your sickness record shine?
Do you always work?
When the boss cries overtime
do you never shirk?
Will your balance in the bank
grow and grow each day?
Do you horde it greedily
when it’s time for pay?
Do you ever take the time
to simply sit and think
or take a walk with family
or share a long slow drink
The more you earn, the more you buy,
the more you have to labour
The spiral spirals endlessly
with no time left to savour
all the simple little things
which can make each day better
just watching birds as they take wing
no email, try a letter!
When brewing tea just stop and breathe
and relish every second,
warm the pot, use real leaves
your stress will surely lessen
Those gone before
on their headstones
would not request to state
“I wish I’d earned a little more,
spent more nights working late”
No, they would urge you every day
to live your life much slower
Spend time with loved ones,
learn to play,
and savour every hour.
© Simon West 2011