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She said she wanted honesty, that’s how they both must live
She said she didn’t want to ask for more than he could give
She said she hadn’t known such love, not ever in her life
She said she loved him endlessly  and she would be his wife

But as she said the words he felt as if his heart would break
As if she was accusing him that his true love was fake
He wanted to give everything, asked nothing in return
The love he felt inside for her he knew would always burn

He couldn’t work out what she meant although her words were clear
He puzzled them and questioned them but meaning was not near
She went upstairs to read a while and on the bed to lie
And all he knew was if she left his heart would surely die

He wondered did he give too much should he hold back his love
But knew that such a simple task impossible would prove
And so he simply vowed to love whatever she may say
And in his soul he knew that would be ’til his dying day