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To my love

You are the star who lights my way when in the deepest dark
You are the breeze on a summer’s day while strolling in a park
You warm my frozen fingertips when winters cold winds bite
You soothe my brow and hush my lips when fearful in the night

With you shared food’s more tasty, drinks better for the sharing
With you no kisses hasty, but lingering and caring
With you the sun shines brighter, the moon is more serene
With you each landscape seems to be the best I’ve ever seen.

My heart is filled with passion, emotions in a spin
My senses are on overload whene’er you touch my skin
My mind is stimulated and all my life is whole
My every need is met by you, you fill my very soul

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  1. …simply beautiful…thank you for writing it…x

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