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Moving on

And the sun rose, as she always did, and the nameless man started walking. The journey was not long, but each step felt like climbing a mountain. His feet dragged the floor and his heart was so heavy knowing that he had left the one for ever. He would never go back and the pain of leaving would never leave him, but with each step it became easier to move, and as the sun rose and warmed his face, and then his shoulders, and moved down his body he found the strength to make more and more steps. By the time the sun had fully risen into the clear dawn sky, he was walking upright and in a straight line. The sun was waiting for him, and although he was still heavy with grief he knew she would soothe him and calm the shuddering sobs that had wracked his body during the long night.

When he saw the sun his heart soared and he knew everything would be good. He had worn a talisman given to him by the One