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Press Release: Poetry of Divorce: for Women

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West‘Poetry of Divorce: an antidote to Valentine’s Day Pain’

It’s all very well dedicating February to lovers, but what about those who are wading through separation and rapidly approaching divorce? They don’t make cheerful cards for that!

Finding comfort and solace in writing, Dorset based sustainable living author Tracey Smith (now West) wrote poetry to carve a sane route through her divorce, unsure of where her muse came from, as she’d never written verse before at all.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and following collaboration with other ladies in the same boat, Tracey soon had a wealth of bizarre material to make rhyme. Before she knew it, she’d covered topics ranging from depression, infidelity, filthy habits, domestic abuse, solicitor angst and greatly restored appetites for sex.

Poetry of Divorce: for women was born and Tracey realised there was an enormous potential for self-healing by writing your way out of the darkness, so she started covering news stories on the topic and also launched a Coping Tip of the Day on

Witty live performances of the poems will combine with talks on how to use a pen to help keep you off the gin and crisps. Tears, tissues, laughter incontinence and the reality that you are not alone, will blend seamlessly at a venue near you.

The paperback and e-book will be available from national and independent bookshops and Amazon, priced £9.99 and £4.99 respectively, from 8th April 2013.



Author: Tracey West
Tel: 07817 156 391