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Something new

What defines a poet? What an author? What an actor? In fact what defines almost any role is simply doing what is required of that role. A poet is someone who writes poems, either for money or for pleasure. An author the same. So I am a poet, I am an author. If I am a good poet or good author is simply a matter of opinion.

And now I shall embark on a new venture to test my abilities as an author, a journey for the next 6 months, to test my mettle in the forge of creation and to see if a creation of mine can survive a shortened gestation to be born into the world as the season turns from Autumn to Winter and the sun nears it’s solstice.

My challenge to myself (for which I have sought and been given full permission by the only one who can give permission… and that is of course me) is to write my first full length novel. I may use a pseudonym when I publish, as my own is too well known. (Well, you know it, don’t you?)

The subject of my novel is now firmly fixed in my head, and the story line is slowly taking shape. The genre is one I love to read, and so I shall attempt to create something new in that genre. I know full well that there is nothing new under the Sun, that Shakespeare wrote all the stories and we merely re-mix them. Whilst this is true, there is also room for novelty, for innovation and I shall seek to entertain you, my reader with something that is genuinely new, and to surprise you with twists and turns of the plot, so that although you may know absolutely what is going to happen, don’t make assumptions!

I hope to publish updates, and to involve you, my dear reader in the process… that having been said, as it is me writing this, I may keep you completely and utterly in the dark until my illegitimate child is ready to enter the world.

Until there is something else worth saying, travel well with whatever you believe in at your side. For me that is a hand to hold.