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Deadhead the Roses by Tracey West, Coming Soon

Cover of Deadhead the Roses by Tracey WestComing soon from Tracey West, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and Poetry of Divorce: for Women, comes a Dorset based tale of seemingly normal life, peppered with a splash of unexpected divorce, an even more unexpected death and dreaded betrayal.

Tracey is currently speaking to the police in pursuit of essential research into their procedures in the event of a murder…we are hopeful that they’ll eventually let her go so she can get back to penning the rest of the book!

Here’s a nibble of the back page blurb to tease you…

Ruby McQuillan: a funky mamma, unconventional, quirky and in her own words, ‘Not too rough a turn out for a 47-year old bag’. She’s unsated on far too many levels but she’s confident, able and getting braver by the moment, which is just as well to be honest, she’s going to need to be. She’s also caught in the trappings of a lacklustre marriage with a beautiful man she feels has more secrets than MI5.

Daniel McQuillan: earthy, affable, boy next door good looks, easy company and the unintentional cause of many an eye-twinkle. He strides comfortably alone in bare feet on a planet he loves, shrouded in an endearing sweet darkness. He has absolutely no idea of what’s hurtling towards him at a hundred miles an hour, if he did, he’d surely duck.

Large doses of self-realisation, divorce, guilt (gut-wrenching guilt actually) and death are about to land in the path of their unprepared selves, slap-bang in the middle of the hottest English summer in seven years, turning everything they believed to be true onto its hot little head.

Details of the exact publication date and some of the actual locations for a few of the pivotal scenes will trickle out from this page in due course.

In the meantime, you can content yourself with Tracey’s most recent work, Poetry of Divorce: for Women, available from bookshops, libraries, Amazon and all the usual suspects.

Excitedly yours,

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