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Delighted to Welcome Anthony Ravenwood, Author of The Breathing Wheel

The Cover of The Breathing Wheel by Anthony RavenwoodWe are absolutely delighted to welcome Anthony Ravenwood to our stable of authors!

Here’s a little nibble from the back page to give you a feel for his debut novel, The Breathing Wheel.

It’s a tale that spans over 300 years and begins in 1602, when an eccentric old man named Gronwolfe built a flour mill in the sleepy Welsh valley of Aden-Long.

For centuries the mill provided work and industry to the area, then Gronwolfe lost his mind, the mill was cursed and the workers began to disappear under very mysterious circumstances.

It’s now 1902, the mill ownership has passed onto the Isaf family and strange happenings start to occur; the waterwheel becomes possessed with Gronwolfe’s curse and the mill workers that disappeared under his employ, begin to re-appear in strange bodies causing utter havoc.

The pressure is on to save everyone before the curse takes hold and destroys everything but it’s not easy!

The quest opens up a whole new world that the Isaf family never knew existed; it’s going to take a miracle to turn things round.

We’ll post news of The Breathing Wheel’s publication date, book signings and more right here, so do pop back again.

Excitedly yours,

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