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E-books Set to Overtake Sales of Paperbacks in 2014, say Nielsen

Image from The BooksellerIf you’re thinking about publishing your work via Kindle or a similar e-reader, you might find it interesting to cast your eye over a report from this week’s The Bookseller.

I respect of a new report out by Nielsen, they state:-

Nielsen is predicting that fiction e-books will overtake sales of fiction paperbacks, but not until 2014, according to its latest digital report based on the Kantar World panel. It has also noted a further slowdown in e-book growth, with year-on-year sales falling for the first time.

According to its “Understanding the E-Book Consumer” July report, Nielsen estimates that for next year e-book sales of fiction will amount to 47m units, some 300,000 ahead of the paperback figure and 48% of total fiction sales. However, because the average selling price of an e-book is less than £3, compared to £5.50 for a paperback, the value of e-book sales in 2014 will be only 32% of the fiction total.

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