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Fundraising Joke Book Coming Soon for Martha Care!

marthaandmaggieWe have three book publishing models here at Magic Oxygen, namely Argon, Neon and Krypton (more on those soon).

To be honest, I’m not sure which one we are most excited about working on, as they all have such merit, but our fundraising book package, Argon, is certainly giving us an enormous sense of joy as we work on our first title in this important series.

We are industriously working (and giggling) with the guys at Martha Care and preparing to launch ‘Martha’s Huge Book of Hideous Jokes for Kids’ for their charity, which was set up by parents for parents and families who find themselves in hospital with a very sick or injured child.

Maggie Mickshik, their Chair, explains a bit more about what this incredibly important charity does:-

In my daughter Martha’s memory, I set up Martha Care to support parents when their children are first admitted to hospital with a critical illness or after an accident.

Parents who have been through this will know exactly how it feels to suddenly find yourself miles from home and family, terrified your child isn’t going to make it, dropping all work commitments, schooling for siblings, even your own basic necessities are sometimes overlooked in your haste to be with your child.

We offer practical and emotional support to parents whose critically ill or injured children are admitted to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Families from all over the South West find themselves here for specialist treatment for a wide range of serious illnesses like meningitis and cancer, or with serious injuries, lifelong conditions and disabilities. They may be a long way away from their base, stuck in the centre of Bristol without support, incredibly stressed and isolated. Our Martha Care worker is there, in situ, offering vital assistance. If you decide to buy our joke book, you’ll help us keep her there!

We are delighted to be working with Simon and his team once again. Soon we’ll be launching our fundraising book of rib-tickling jokes to help lift your spirits. It will be available on Amazon and via our website, It’s going to make an enormous difference to us if, dare I say it, you get your Christmas orders in quick for a smashing stocking filler!

Thank you for your kind support, Maggie x

So there you have it!

The first of our Argon Fundraiser Books is whirring around on the press as we speak, so to speak.

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Alternatively, if you have a charity you’d like to raise money for and are interested in finding out more about Argon, drop Simon a line.

Excitedly yours,

The Team