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Magic Oxygen Publishing Actively Seeking New Authors!

Become a Published Author with Magic OxygenIt’s often said that everyone has a book in them and harsh critics say that’s where some of them should stay!

We disagree.

If you take tea with any high achiever in the literary world, they will undoubtedly be able to recount plentiful tales of rejection and woe.

Harry Potter might never have happened if J K Rowling was dashed at the first post and D H Lawrence might well have binned Lady Chatterely’s Lover, as he desperately searched for a publisher in 1928. Eventually, it saw the partial light of day when Inky Stephensen‘s Mandrake Press took a chance and printed a very limited private edition.

It just takes one talented author, a modicum of skill, imagination and vision, to meld with a publisher who believes in their passion and desire to lay a manuscript out on real paper and much magic can occur.

Traditional publishing methods being turned upside down with the rise of professional quality print on demand services, such as the one we use here at Magic Oxygen and a great many bodies of work can be released without too much blood, sweat or tears.

If you have a manuscript that you’ve always wanted to see in print, don’t leave it on the back burner, time is ticking, drop us a line.

We may well be able to help.

Scribblingly yours,

The Team

2 thoughts on “Magic Oxygen Publishing Actively Seeking New Authors!

  1. is it common to submit a few chapters and then finish the book because someone is interested or do people submit a few chapters of a book they have finished? People are telling me to erase what Ive written because publishers want to tell you which direction to go after they have read what you have first come up with, that seems backward to me and perhaps unprofessional, but since I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I would be able to submit a full novel I thought Id ask before I got too far on it and had to erase.

    1. Hi LeeLee,
      If a publisher commissions a book then they will define what is to be written, and the author’s job is simply to write the required book. If you have a finished manuscript which you submit to a traditional publisher they probably won’t read it unless they are looking for books of the genre. I can only really comment on our policies, which are that we read every book submitted to us and will help any author get their work published. We do offer critical review and if we think a book simply won’t sell we don’t pretend it will.

      We would never tell you to erase work you have done because we you want to know if we think the book should go in a particular direction. We always remember that the story is your creation, and if you want to kill off the main character on page 21 then that is your decision. If we think the work would sell better with changes to plot or characters then we will tell you, but you are the final arbiter of how you want your story to roll out.

      If you only have a few chapters then that is fine by us, we will read what you have and offer our opinion on the work so far. If you then go on to take your work to an ending we would then advise you on it’s marketability. Our model of publishing means that if a book sells everyone makes money, and if it doesn’t no-one loses much.

      Hope this helps
      The Team

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