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'160 Divorce Coping Tips', by Tracey West, Coming End 2013

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The ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ author, Tracey West is a happy and industrious soul.

Alongside penning the first book in this series, she has also been writing a daily divorce coping tip aimed at both men and women. The content is based on her personal experiences and those of close friends.

The tips are circulated via a free Android App from the Google Play Store and to date, they have been downloaded by thousands of readers in 98 countries.

‘160 Divorce Coping Tips’ is a collation of advice from the App and if dipped into daily, should lift the reader’s spirits and give them 5 months of emotional and practical support from early separation and into their divorce.

It will be available at the end of 2103 in paperback and Kindle versions. The paperback will of course, have a necessary cost attached to it, but the Kindle version, just like the daily App, will be free.

Tracey explains, ‘It has always been my intention to give this book away electronically. I’m sure business gurus are probably saying this is a hopeless business model – how on earth am I going to make any money giving the book away?

‘I maintain that the daily coping tips are free, therefore the Kindle version of them should follow suit; there is more to life than money! Besides, I know precisely how it feels to have your finances crippled at the point of early separation and the last thing you need is to hand over your precious resources to pay for advice, no matter how good it is!’

‘I figure if people enjoy it, they might prefer to buy the paperback version and of course, if anybody wants to find a gift for friends or family who are in this situation, it’s an ideal buy.’

If you’d like to pre-order a copy, drop us a line with your details.

The exact date of publication and further information from the author will be available here soon.

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