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Exclusive Interview: Anthony Ravenwood, Author of 'The Breathing Wheel'

Hi Anthony, thanks for taking time out for this, I know you are incredibly busy moving house right now, tell us a bit about you and your book.

My name is Anthony Ravenwood, I’m from Northamptonshire and my book is called ‘The Breathing Wheel’.

Tell us a little about what inspired you to write the story.

I was on a holiday with my family in 1987 and we visited a watermill museum. The old mill was creepy and set my imagination on fire. The original idea was to compose a concept album set around life in a watermill in the 20th Century, but I enjoyed writing the story so much, it kind of overtook.

Have you any idea how long it was in the making?

I have been dipping in and out of the writing ever since, so you could say it’s taken me 26 years!

Why did you pick a topic with a historic flavour?

It was that old mill I visited really, I imagined what life would have been like in it’s day. I love historic buildings and get a lot of inspiration from ancient heritage sites.

Without giving too much away, did you have any difficult scenes to write, if so why?

Yes, I’d got myself into a situation where there is a dream sequence and it was very hard not to confuse what was really happening and what was a dream, I ended up re-writing it several times!

Have you any plans on penning a sequel?

I have scribbled notes on what could potentially be a follow-up, based on my own ideas and suggestions made by friends, but I don’t know at this time if I will write one.

Furthermore, have you been tempted to pen anything else?

I am always coming up with ideas whether it is a story, verse or song, so I never say ‘never’!

How do you think you’ll feel when you hold the first copy?

Quite emotional I should think. This story has been part of me for so long, it’ll be quite a personal achievement.

Will you be giving talks and doing book signings?

I would really like to do some promotion for the book, so yes I hope to do as much as possible.

We get emails from lots of prospective authors wanting to find out more about the publishing process. What advice would you give them?

As my book grew from an idea, and it wasn’t immediately apparent that I would write a whole book, I would say if you have an idea, verse, poem or whatever, don’t push the idea forward, let it manifest. The best ideas come naturally. Take your time and you will get a much better result.


Thank you Anthony for your time, I realise you should be busy packing boxes and making tea. We’ll catch up with you again on the other side.

Wordily yours,

The Team