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Give in to the Midnight Oil

Image by Recoverling of Writing in the DarkIf there’s one thing we know about creative writing – being passionate lovers of the English word ourselves of course – it’s that the inspiration for penning a smart line or two doesn’t necessarily arrive with gracious announcement between the respectable hours of 9am and 5pm.

En mass sentences, paragraphs, lyrics and bullet points are as likely to descend upon you between 9pm and 5am, with a screaming instruction to release themselves onto paper.

What scant consideration for beauty sleep, ye wretched words; some of us really need it!

‘Answer the star-covered call’, we hark in response.

Medieval japes aside, one can produce a incredible pieces of writing in the wee small hours, when the only sounds to distract you are those of lost, late night revellers trying to remember where they live, central heating pipes clanking for no apparent reason, or the resident nocturnal hamster as it sprints around its wheel thinking, ‘What in the name of sweet cheese treats is she doing up?’

Keep a notebook and pen beside the bed and a little torch if you think turning on the light might give your partner a fright.

Even if you don’t decide to write out your entire strand of consciousness, make a list of keywords to equip yourself with the best chance of picking up the thread at a more convenient hour.

Sleepily yours,

The Team