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Magic Oxygen Announce New Publishing Packages

Image of Magic Oxygen Editor, Simon WestWhen Magic Oxygen Editor, Simon West, published his first book last year, he was bitten by the bug.

The book sold well and the process of taking it from raw file through to finished product was an arduous learning curve but one where he realised a great many things that have shaped the foundations of Magic Oxygen.

Traditional publishing methods – write the book, print the book, sell the book – have generally left the author with a fairly minimal slice of the financial pie. Strange really, when you consider they are the ones that do the lion’s share of the creative work.

The print on demand method that we use changes the dynamic considerably and Simon does all he can to involve the author in some of the fundamental decisions regarding their body of work and it’s potential earnings revenue. Decisions like the level of discount a publisher has to give to the bookshops of the world, standard practice of course, but what levels do you go to? These are questions you as the author will be involved in if you wish.

By working directly with us, the publishing house, you do of course, cut out the agent. Agents can work incredibly hard for you and they do have extremely good contacts, undoubtedly built up over years if not decades! That’s all well and good if you are lucky enough to secure a meeting with a good one in the first instance and if you do, that they read your manuscript and then, that they want to proceed with it. Assuming all goes well, you’ll then have another percentage nibbling away at what’s left of the profit from your book after printing and other costs have been deducted.

Whilst we’re not knocking the great job agents can do, some savvy self-marketing can also put you in a very good driving position to encourage sales. Sales that have a far higher return for the author. We have heaps of top tips and strategies to encourage sales and will be delighted to share the knowledge with you, but you must realise that if you are trying to penetrate the literary world with your book, you must take a good amount of responsibility for banging your own drum. For example, if you are interested in doing book signings and talks, you’ll be best placed to speak to local venues to organise it!

Your super-swish 4 page website and related email addresses will certainly help put you on the world’s stage and if you decide to work with us, we absolutely promise to do the best we can to make it a union that benefits all concerned! Roll on the Christmas party I say!

We are a compact and bijou creative team with lots of experience in the field and an attitude of, ‘If we cannot do it, we’ll find someone who can’, so if you decide you want to see your book on a brand new techno-widget, or get it translated into Swahili, we’ll be right beside you looking for a way to do it.

So, whether you are looking to seduce the literary world, thrill it, frighten it, teach it a thing or two or simply to tell your grandchildren how your mum made that incredible egg custard, we would be delighted to hear from you, drop us a line.

Baited-breathily yours,

The Team