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Magic Oxygen Publishing's Top Tips for Self-Promotion

Image of a BookshelfIt’s all very well writing a book, but taking it to market is another thing entirely!

If we publish your book (and/or e-book), you will get a bit more than you bargained for. Usually, a publishing house doesn’t take on much of the role of a literary agent at all. They might engage the services of a PR agency to promote your book but they will also want to nibble away at the the profit margin of your work!

If you really want your book to fly, you will have to take predominant responsibility for doing necessary promotional work, but the more you do off your own back, the more money you retain in your profit margin and the stronger your control is of the direction your book is being marketed.

Don’t panic, you’re certainly not on your our own. We have a great advisory team here and we’ll do all we can to guide you towards the best course of action to bring your work to the attention of your intended demographic.

Strangely enough, there are a great many authors who think that writing the book is all they need to do for it to become a bestseller. It’s such a great piece of work, it will surely just sell once it gets out there? If only it were that easy… The authors who put their back into book promotion will find it pays dividends.

One of our authors, Tracey West (was Smith) was commissioned some years back by Fragile Earth Books (a spin off from the successful publisher Alistair Sawdays) to write The Book of Rubbish Ideas. She regularly fed her a website with a vibrant overspill of content that couldn’t fit in the book. She contacted bookshops and organised her own signings. She appeared at literary festivals she’d contacted directly and gave readings and performances. She gave local talks on the speaking circuit, all self-perpetuated and very easy to do.

Tracey was also the only author from the Fragile Earth stable to have her entire print run of several thousand paperbacks, sell out!

The first job Magic Oxygen undertook was to convert the book into a Kindle version and it continues to sell well today.

So, back to that self-promotional malarkey!

Our savvy team have lots of tips and tricks to help you project your message to the world; here are a few of our favourites!

1) Create a Multi-Page Website that Sings the Praises of your Body of Work!

You don’t have to be a techno-genius to throw all the webmagic together, we’ve got one of those who’ll do it for you! Your site will have the title of your book in the website address, which is also a key element to having potential markets find you easily and related email addresses so you can write to people with a pertinent address. We’ll ask you to furnish us with specific word counted information, ie your bio, synopsis, experience in your field, high res images and so on. It will be SEO’d to within an inch of it’s life and we’ll teach you how to ensure that the postings you put up on your news or blog page are picked up by those crucial search engines. A website is a great way of engaging a world full of potential readers with your wider message. You can also use it to promote future titles you write to your existing fan base.

2) Make a Noise in Your Respective Field

If you have just finished writing a fabulous book entitled, ‘Horrendous Holiday Hotspots in Hawaii’, you would do well to have articles published in leading magazines that sell vacations to people in that part of the world. Magazines are becoming increasingly difficult to extract payment from in return for a journalistic piece, however, if you are a clever soul, you’ll be able to make it clear what your book is about within it, whilst still making it a broadly interesting read. Decent Editors always let you have a good byline, usually placed at the end of the article by your signature, directing people towards your website and body of work.

3) Seek a Foreword from an Accomplished Writer in Your Genre

Some might say it’s jumping onto the coat-tails of somebody else’s success, we say it’s just flipping good common sense! If you have just finished your book entitled, ‘Gnomes and their Important Place in the British Garden’, you might do well to have a few words in the front of it from a well respected broadcaster and author like Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don or Kim Wilde. You will probably have to do a bit of investigative work to track them down, perhaps through their agent, or maybe through their Facebook or Twitter streams, but it’s unlikely to be as hard as you think. If you are lucky enough to get a reply and are invited to offer your manuscript to them, you may well end up with a fabulously appropriate endorsement of your work that you can promote and trade on. Of course, it doesn’t do them any harm either, being considered worthy and important enough to have been asked.

Tis all feathers in t’cap as they say!

So, there you have it. Three juicy nuggets of wisdom from our knowledgeable team.

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Advisedly yours,

The Team