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'When Joe Met Alice' by Izzy Robertson, available now!

The cover of 'When Joe Met Alice', by Izzy RobertsonIt has been a week packed with excitement here at Magic Oxygen!

We are now delighted to inform you that Izzy ‘Darkpen’ Robertson has just published her first short story with us, entitled, ‘When Joe Met Alice’.

It’s a 6000+ word mini-read and if you are in the mood for something short, sweet and creepy, this should tick the box nicely.

If you like romantic supernatural stories, this is definitely for you.

It’s also a perfect read for teens that love being creeped out.

That said, our bunch in the office are a long way from that age and they really enjoyed it!

Izzy has several short stories to roll out with us in the coming months and we are very excited about working with her, as this is a very popular genre.

Izzy ‘Darkpen’ Robertson is a very evocative writer and the genre of fantasy fiction better prepare itself to welcome a great new Gothic wordsmith.

‘When Joe Met Alice’ is available on Kindle for 77p – click here to buy it.

Come on Izzy – what’s coming next?

Quiveringly yours,

The Team

2 thoughts on “'When Joe Met Alice' by Izzy Robertson, available now!

  1. Just bought my copy … looks amazing.. will be reading very soon.

  2. I have just read this amazing short read whilst waiting to pick up my daughter. I was unable to stop reading it once I’d started! Amongst moans and groans I had to finish this once I had started . Thrilling! Yet whilst your mind goes into overdrive trying to quess the end, you don’t see that coming. Not going to spoil it for readers… just read it. Truly amazing.. Cannot wait for MORE . Look out for Izzy Robertson. An astounding new writer and a very exciting one! Well done. Here’s to your future novels. Helen x

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