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Diary of Divorce: for Women & Men – Published Today!

Front cover of 'Diary of Divorce: for women & men' by Tracey WestTracey West’s second book in her divorce series, ‘Diary of Divorce: for women & men’ is available to order, from today.

‘It is an evocative, emotional, companion journal designed to help you vent your frustrations, pour your heart out, stay organised & plan a brighter future.’

Back page reviews say it is:-

  • invaluable help to anyone starting out on the divorce rollercoaster
  • a useful and fun tool to keep to hand during the nonsense that must be done
  • a vital companion to help you file away a vitriolic divorce
  • positive self-help through an incredibly expensive period

Within its 150 pages, there are 127 with headings that prompt emotional and practical divorce flavoured responses from the reader.

Back cover of 'Diary of Divorce: for women & men' by Tracey WestPages include:-

  • Ring in the Changes: What are you going to do with your wedding ring?
  • Fur & Fins: How are your animals going to be divided?
  • Jekyll & Hiding: Describe the public face of your ex and the reality behind closed doors
  • Shut That Door: What do you feel you need for closure?
  • Sauce Pot: Who or what did you really think about when you were having sex with your ex?
  • Sign Your Life Back In: If you’re changing your name, practice your new signature here
  • Revenge Is Best Served Cold: Write fantasy recipes for the last meal you wish you’d served

Other pages have logs to detail conversations with solicitors, mediators, doctors, counsellors, CSA, estate agents and more, helping the reader keep their finger on the pulse of what’s occurring.

The proportion of humour and practical elements in this book has been very carefully balanced to help readers work through the variety of feelings and emotions this life changing process flares up.

Personalised copies are available signed by the author, simply drop us a line.

It will take a short time to appear in the shops but it is available to order from local book stores and the usual online vendors.

It is £9.99 from Magic Oxygen Publishing and the ISBN is 978-0-9575621-7-2.

Visit Tracey’s blog to find out about book signing events and for news of her forthcoming titles, ‘160 Divorce Coping Tips’ and ‘Deadhead the Roses’.


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