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Journal Your Heart Out in the Diary of Divorce

Diary of Divorce coverI believe that something incredibly satisfying happens – on a cellular level – when one starts to write a diary.

Perhaps it’s the thought that our highly private and confidential witticisms might end up serving a dual purpose (a) recording the exhilarating events and low points that transpire, as we weave the fabric of our individual human existence and (b) that someone, somewhere might discover (ideally in our living years) that the journal keeper is, in fact, the next Helen Fielding.

Many of us have arisen on a frosty January 1st with sharpened enthusiasm, lunging for coffee and our shiny new diary with gusto. Then, armed with a smooth ink flowing pen, we’ve written out New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve summarised all the naughty things we did over Christmas and aspired to be a better person, all on crispy white virginal pages.

By mid-January, your best intentions are in the same place as the application form for your gym membership. After all, who really wants to know about your trip to the library, or the fact that you were late returning your DVDs to the shop in the High Street because the weather was fierce and you wanted to get home to catch Neighbours (is that still on I wonder…it’s been a long time since I tuned in?)

The fact is, unless you have something rock and rolling through your veins, you might not feel a regular inclination to write.

A divorce certainly presents you with such a situation, should you choose to accept it, well it did for me anyway.

During my own personal tumult, I wrote ‘Poetry of Divorce: for women‘, an essentially upbeat guide for women struggling to cope with early separation and divorce. ‘Diary of Divorce: for women & men’ is the second book in – what I believe to be – an incredibly important series.

Having been through the process and fallen foul of all the usual suspects of depression, anxiety, stress, too much chocolate, not enough sleep and so on, I discovered that a humble golden orange notebook and pen had suddenly transformed into a coping mechanism.

I wrote out my darkness, I penned dark, saucy and humorous verse about the divorce, threading in details of my divorce and strands from lots of other stories I’d garnered along the way. I soon had enough of a body of work to put into a book and the rest is history.

‘Diary of Divorce: for women and men’ invites you to pick up your writing instrument as and when you feel like it and to work your way through the book, or idly flick to a page that calls you. Then simply lay out your thoughts.

Each page has a different header, here are a few examples of the funnies:-

  • A Mini Bucket List: 10 achievable things you want to do once you’re the other side of your divorce
  • Sauce Box: who did you really think about when you were having sex with your ex?
  • Shut That Door: what do you need for closure?
  • Bury Their Treasure: draw diagrams of what you’d like to do to their prized posessions

There are also practical pages for you to list contact details for the solicitors, your doctor, counsellor, the CSA and so on, all extremely useful to keep in one place.

On the pages of your precious and utterly unique journal, you can draw, scribble, yell, cry, smile and recall, detail your most optimistic hopes, your passionate and immediate needs and wants and start to write out the darkness that plagues you as you progress through your divorce.

It can sit in your pocket every step of the way as the pages begin to sing your story and prepare to point your mind, body and soul towards a brighter future.

Publication date: end October 2013, priced £9.99 available direct from Magic Oxygen Publishing (I’ll even sign a copy for you if you like) plus all the usual book vending venues.

Uber-excitedly yours,

Tracey West

PS: As soon as this one has successfully launched, ‘160 Divorce Coping Tips‘ will be hot on its heels and out before Christmas (sorry it’s a bit late – I’ve been busy!)