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National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month.

Writers the world over will be writing complete novels in just one month. To qualify as a novel your work should be 50,000 words or more, so if you write each week-day and have the weekends off that’s 2,381 words a day.

I know writing every day can be difficult (my own efforts seem to have gaps of weeks between spurts of writing) but it is possible!

Speed doesn’t always mean lack of quality… yes your work may need more editing than if you took a year to carefully craft each sentence, but if the story is good then it’s worth writing it.

So, grab a pen and paper or your laptop or a typewriter if that’s how you like to work and have a go! We’ll be posting words of encouragement here throughout the month and there is a great website where other authors taking part congregate and share their views – – there are over 159,000 registered as I write this!

Speedily yours,

The Team

2 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month

  1. Hi Simon,

    As you know, I have always wanted to write a book that combines recipes my grandma left me with a murder mystery.

    I have all the recipes written out and am more than half way through writing the story. The two need to be combined at the end and that bit is easy.

    The trouble is I’m guilty of letting the story go off the boil and if I’m honest I had lost some of my steam to write it.

    I’ve been looking for a sign to kick myself back into action. This is that sign!

    Thank you I will be in touch as soon as I’ve typed THE END!


    1. Hi Anita,
      Lovely to hear from you again. I definitely think NaNoWriMo can be a great spur when your book has stalled. Setting yourself easy targets for each day is probably a good way to make progress, and for me allowing myself a reward if I hit the target is good. 21 days of writing and 21 bars of chocolate in exchange for getting a novel finished seems like a bargain to me!

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