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Pre-Publication Reviews of Diary of Divorce: for women & men

Tracey West, author of Diary of Divorce: for women & menTracey West’s second book in her divorce series, Diary of Divorce: for women & men is starting to generate a bit of a buzz.

Tracey’s first book, Poetry of Divorce: for women made great headway in the UK market, after being featured in Tesco Magazine a few months after it was published.

With the Office of National Statistics recently predicting that 42% of marriages will end in divorce, it looks as though this genre will continue to be hungry for content offering positive self-help through this incredibly expensive period; Diary of Divorce: for women & men is set to do just that.

Tracey explains, ‘The copy is set (in other words, all the words are written) the front cover has been laid out and the back cover is gathering its puff (mini-reviews from a specially selected panel of critics) to help potential readers make a speedy judgement on whether they’d like to buy it.’

We thought you might like to see a few of the responses so far:-

The whole concept of filling it in yourself is really inspirational and would be a HUGE help to anyone just starting out on the divorce rollercoaster
Helen (divorced)

I’m just about to get my Absolute and things are still very raw. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy so I can spit all the venom out. This book is genius, I want it now!
Sue (almost divorced)

Some of it made me cry, some of it made me laugh. Wish I’d had the whole thing while I was going through my divorce. It’s definitely going to work for men as well as women
Martin (divorced)

We’ll post news of the exact publication date here soon.

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