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Slow progress, but progress nonetheless

You might notice my blog has sprouted a new widget – a progress meter in the sidebar. The curved balls life has thrown me over the past week have given me the ideal excuse to do no writing whatsoever, but in fact I have managed to add just over 1,000 words to Anvarin this weekend.

I have a nominal target of 50,000 words, which puts the book firmly into novel territory, but of course I will be driven by the story. It must start at the beginning, move through all the necessary plot points, and eventually arrive at my long-ago decided end.

Fellow author Izzy Robertson talks about her characters being inside her head and telling her to write their stories. Mine don’t do that, but I have my own brand of strangeness… the plot has just taken a twist that I never planned!

So I now have a section of my story which wasn’t in the original that has been in my head for goodness knows how long, and it has made me really want to think through the next bit of plot, possibly to get it back to where it was, but maybe to just see where the new plotline takes me.

I feel as though I am playing one of those word games where I write a line or two of a story and then cover up everything except the last few words and pass it on to someone else. They don’t know what has gone before, and don’t know what I had planned to come after… they just react to what they are given and add another line or two. (That sounds like many soap operas, with their many writers all trying to engineer a long-lived plotline).

So, dear readers, the final book may take more twists and turns than a Curly Wurly. I just hope it tastes as sweet!

Yours, contortedly

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  1. Any progress when you’re writing a big body of work is good Simon and slow and sure is better than dead still if you ask me!

    Love the widget, gadget thingie too…want one…


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