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Press Release: Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic

Cover for Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’ Has a Bottle Full of Optimism

Author, Lilly Laine’s glass is brimming over.

Living with an alcoholic is no fun but leaving them is not always an option people want to take. Lilly Laine, author of this powerful new self-help book, knows that all too well.

Her husband was a chronic alcoholic for the first 10 years of their relationship. Realising nothing she did could stop him drinking, Lilly started blogging about living with an alcoholic and over time, she developed a set of techniques to get her through the tough times. These positive actions led her husband to seek help; he’s now long-term sober.

Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic is a survival guide for partners and spouses of alcoholics. It details her tried and tested practical steps to help the reader rediscover themselves and find the strength they need to get through tough times. The action points contained within its 150 pages also illuminate a runway for their loved one that can lead to sobriety.

It has a very refreshing approach, it’s not an airy-fairy book about hope, it pulls no punches and has drawn glowing reviews, including praise from professionals who work in the addiction service industry:

The first four decades of my life were dominated by alcohol related incidents and I feel a lump in my throat of gratitude for the author. This book is a briskly un-syrupy practical guide designed to lift us out of the emotional quagmire that is life with an alcoholic. Has the time come for you to do something positive for your family? Read on!
Lauren Booth, Journalist, Broadcaster & Human Rights Activist

An absolute must-read for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction. I’m a child of an alcoholic, it will certainly help them too. Packed with structured self-help guidance that uncovers a blueprint for recovery from one of the most gripping demons of our time.
Tracey West, Foreword Writer & Author

This book will help you break the cycle of addiction and help you plan a more positive future and live more fulfilled lives.
Hilary Henriques, CEO National Association for Children of Alcoholics

Lilly exposes the hidden self-betrayal of those immersed in the family illness of addiction. Her personal journal shows the important first steps towards self-care.
Emma Spiegler, Founding Director COAP

A perfect accompaniment and resource for anyone struggling in isolation with easy to follow advice; her process worked!
Robert Windsor, Rehab Centre Treatment Nurse & Playwright on Addiction

Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic is available to order from local independent and High Street book vendors, through to Amazon and of course, from libraries everywhere.

Publication Date: 10th March 2014
Published By: Magic Oxygen Publishing
Paperback £6.99 : ISBN 978-1-910094-06-8
Kindle £4.99 : ISBN 978-1-910094-07-5


Review & Media:

An electronic extract from the book is available from Simon West at Magic Oxygen Publishing. High res images and interviews available from the author.


Simon West: Editor, Magic Oxygen Publishing
Telephone: 07896 884 114

Lilly Laine: Author

About the Author

Lilly Laine is a married mother of two in her 30’s, born and raised in Ireland. Her husband was an active alcoholic for the first 10 years of their relationship. Realising nothing she did could stop him drinking, Lilly started blogging about living with an alcoholic and over time, developed a set of powerful self-help techniques to get her through the tough times.

Her unique approach and positive actions resulted in her husband deciding to go into rehab. That was over a decade ago and he’s now very happily long-term sober. Lilly’s research uncovered a great deal of support and many rehab options for alcohol addicts but hardly anything available for those suffering the effects of living with them.

Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic is the culmination of Lilly’s work and her debut title. She also produces a support podcast and a 21 day rehab program for people living with alcohol addicts.  Since 2007, her methods have helped countless others find their way back to happiness through recovery from the effects of living with an alcoholic.

Lilly and her family, including a menagerie of pets, live a simple, happy life in Manchester, England.

See for further details.

5 thoughts on “Press Release: Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic

  1. I’m incredibly proud to have been involved in the production of this book and know it has the power to do precisely what it says on the tin.

    Good luck to anyone that needs it and reads it.


    1. I think everyone involved has worked extremely hard. I am certain that this book will help many people. I too am very proud to have this as a Magic Oxygen publication.

  2. I have been lucky enough to see a copy of this book. It looks fantastic, but more importantly, it is an accessible, practical, honest and down to earth guide for those living with an alcoholic. It would have helped me deal much better with one of my past relationships, and hopefully will be a lifeline for many people in this very difficult situation.Thank you Lilly Laine and Magic Oxygen!

    1. Wonderful words Izzy; it’s great getting opinions from new readers of the book. I think Lilly’s wise words are going to do a great deal of powerfully, positive work. Tx

  3. […] Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic is £6.99 and in stock in the publisher’s shop (they despatch 1st class same day) you can order if from your favourite local book store by quoting the title and author name, or if you’re a real bookworm quote the ISBN which is 978-1-910094-06-8. On-line vendors include Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and more. Amazon have a bizarre technical hitch at the moment and are saying the book will be 1-4 weeks to despatch; visit the shop for the most expedient delivery. […]

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