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Update on 'Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic' by Lilly Laine

Cover for Action Plan for Living With an AlcoholicWe are delighted to let you have a sneak peak of the finished cover for our latest title, ‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’ by Lilly Laine, due for publication on 10th March, just before St Patrick’s Day.

The subtitle leaves the reader in no doubt about the content. It’s, ‘A Survival Guide for Partners and Spouses’ and has been penned with refreshing clarity by a lady who knows all about how it feels to live with a serious alcohol dependent, in Lilly’s case it was her husband.

After years of trying all the usual tactics to get him to stop drinking, Lilly realised she was physically and mentally at her rock bottom, just like her husband.

Her family life and finances were in utter chaos, she was exhausted and frayed at every edge and death was on the cards for her loved one. The time had arrived for Lilly to change her approach and focus completely, if there was to be any chance of an alcohol-free, happy, healthy life together.

Back cover Action Plan For Living With an AlcoholicThat’s precisely what she did and over the course of almost a decade, she created this powerful self-help guide, packed with tried and tested advice for helping the partner of the alcoholic rise again and the drinker too.

‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’ has received glowing reviews from a handful of very knowledgeable people who are all used to dealing with the sharp end of alcohol addiction. The foreword has been penned by Tracey West, Trustee for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics and the afterword comes from Rob B Windsor who works at one of the country’s leading rehab treatments centres.

It is 154 pages filled with solutions to help the reader deal with one of the biggest demons of our time; alcohol.

For further information about the author, Lilly Laine and for additional resources if you are a partner of an alcoholic, please visit

Paperback £6.99
Kindle TBA
ISBN: 978-1-910094-06-8
Publication date: 10th March 2014

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