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Meet: Rob Windsor, Author of 'Off Her Facebook!'

Simon West & Rob Windsor
Simon West, Editor & Rob Windsor, Playwright

There are certain moments in time that need to be captured; this is one of them.

Let’s be a fly on the wall of an important meeting between Simon West, the Editor here at Magic Oxygen and the other good looking fellow on the right, Rob Windsor, a fabulous playwright and one of our latest authors.

They are currently huddled over a hot computer and working on Rob’s début graphic novel of his published play, Off Her Facebook!

If you click the link above, it’ll take you to Facing Tides Theatre, Rob’s production company and it’s tell you all about the actual performance play.

I’ve seen it several times and think I’m fairly well qualified to say, it’s fabulously dark!

As soon as we heard Rob was looking for an artist to turn his incredible play into a graphic novel, we knew a connection to Jo Stroud simply had to be made.

365 Silly Jokes for Kids
365 Silly Jokes for Kids

Jo is the supremely talented artist we worked with on 365 Silly Jokes for Kids. She did us all proud with her striking front and back cover for the book and our research of her archives uncovered exactly what she was capable of.

Jo has an amazingly creative mind with lots of dark corners and to us, she was a clear and obvious partner to introduce to Rob!

The graphic novel has been coming along an absolute treat and the meeting taking place this wet and windy afternoon in the Magic Oxygen offices in Lyme Regis, is to discuss what’s what…and to drink lots of celebratory tea too…

If you’d like to have an exclusive sneak peek of a few pages from Off Her Facebook! the graphic novel, please visit the news page on Facing Tides Theatre and while you’re there, why not subscribe to Rob’s blog to be kept up to date with its progress.


All these high powered business meetings leave a humble office girl ever so thirsty.

I reckon it’s time to pop the kettle on again…now where did I file the biscuits?

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