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We Are Actively Seeking Book Reviewers

Person reading a bookMagic Oxygen Publishing currently have 23 titles of varying genres either on the book shelves, or in production; what exciting times!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly talented individuals whose passion for matters literary, rival our own.

A publishing house is only one of the elements required to get books into the hands of eager readers. We need reviewers to populate the news with their views of our titles and we also require stockists to sell them.

Our expanding team are busy preparing our future titles to launch into the world and we now require the services of objective book reviewers.

If you report for any form of press or media – prolific book bloggers included – we’d love to hear from you and will be delighted send you copies of our titles for your perusal.

Please drop us a line and let’s organise a time to have a chat about our library of fabulous titles.

Incidentally, please feel free to share this story on your networks – we need reviewers and we need them now!

The (rather excited) Team