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Magic Oxygen Seeking (& Bursting With) Budding New Playwrights

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West
Poetry of Divorce: for Women

Morning all!

What a glorious Monday morning it is, kicking off another splendid literary week at Magic Oxygen Publishing.

News just in (well, actually we knew last week, but were waiting to have it confirmed) Tracey West, one of our most prolific authors, is taking her book Poetry of Divorce: for women and adapting it into a dark comedy play.

It will feature several of her poems from the book; some poignant, some dark and a few that can can only be tagged quite simply, as saucy.

Poetry of Divorce was originally written as a coping mechanism for Tracey to get through her tumultuous divorce but the pieces she wrote didn’t lay out the intestines of her story, they were a melange of threads of truth from several divorces and many of them just sprung forth from the glittery corners of her imagination.

The process of extracting the words from her busy head was a cathartic and healing one and Tracey has performed many of the poems publicly, however, the raw emotion in them occasionally rises with such ferocity that it leaves a lump in her throat that only the flow of tears can relieve.

It has been one of Tracey’s greatest desires to hear the pieces performed professionally, so lacing them into a play was a sure fire (and rather creative) way of making her dream come true.

The arrival of another play available for public performance on Magic Oxygen’s bookshelf is welcome news. Mark James and Rob Windsor will undoubtedly keep Tracey in good company until another comes along.

Could it be you? Are you a playwright? Do you have a manuscript and are you seeking a passionate publishing house?

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