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Busy Bee

Busy, busy, busy!

Recently I have been so busy publishing other people’s books that I have  been unable to find much time to work on my own. Tracey and I did spend a delightful morning down by the sea last week and I managed to clock up another 1,000 words, even though I was working on my laptop in full sunlight and could hardly see the screen! That makes 30,000 out of my estimate of 50,000 to finish the story, or 60% done!

Maybe I shall take a random afternoon to just get on with it, I certainly know where the story is going (although it isn’t going where my original plan had it!) and the words seem to come easily once I start writing. Perhaps my best bet would be to fill a day with  fake appointments, so I don’t try to book anything else for that time. Then when it comes around I will “unexpectedly” have a completely free day.

Whatever happens, I know that my book will eventually be complete, at least I will have got to the end of writing it first time round. Then comes the job of self-editing, making it as good as I can, and fixing up the bits in the story where I changed my mind, for example my main character wasn’t carrying anything at the start, but needs to produce matches and various other items, so I have to go back and give him a bag of stuff so he can use it later on in the story.

Finally, I get to turn it over to a real editor, which is the point where someone else gets to look at it and tell me the truth. I just hope I can take it when it comes!

Yours falteringly

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  1. I hear you’ve progressed the story along Simon – cannot wait to read the finished product!


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