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Review From DotComWomen: Diary of Divorce by Tracey West

DotComWomenWe’re always delighted to receive reviews from critics and our readers; this one has made us all very proud.

It’s from DotComWomen, a free content web site dedicated to women who are using the world wide web for their personal as well as professional growth.

DCW recognizes the importance of spending quality time with family and taking time for yourself. It’s geared towards bringing out the truly professional woman in you along with assisting you in keeping a healthy balance between career and values, family, health and personal time.

Here’s a snippet from their review:

West’s upbeat approach to such a devastating experience is reflected in the irony of the cover design where the soft, curly font and romantic hearts which normally suggest marital bliss, are used as backdrops to journal the ending of a marriage. The author’s confident message here is one of hope and liberation. “The dark days will end” when one comes out on the other side of divorce.

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