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New Fantasy Fiction E-book Shortie From Izzy Robertson!

Cover of Catching Up With the Past, by Izzy Robertson‘When Joe Met Alice’ was Izzy Robertson’s début e-book and it was fittingly published just before All Hallows’ Eve in October 2013.

It was Izzy’s first proper dip into the global literary market, despite the fact that she has been a passionate writer in the fantasy fiction field for more years than she cares to admit to.

We were all delighted with the book’s popularity and even more so when she whispered that she had several other chilling short tales up her long, purple velvet sleeve.

‘Catching Up With the Past’, is the second of Izzy’s short reads and is available on Kindle from today.

Actually, I’m sure she won’t mind us letting you into a little secret, but it launched at exactly 08:00 on the 1st March, the precise moment of the New Moon; a significantly positive time for new beginnings.

Let’s hand over to the author herself, to tell you a bit more about the story:

The year Jo-Jo took her GCSEs was tough in more ways than one and she chose to bury those painful memories along with her diary in a forgotten box in the attic. Now older, wiser and with a daughter of her own in Year 11, her very core is rocked when she encounters a soul from the past who seeks her help in an extraordinary situation.

As Jo-Jo puzzles over how to help, she’s also forced to confront the ghosts of her past and dabbles with an intriguing experiment that she hopes will allow them both to move on.

The cover of 'When Joe Met Alice', by Izzy Robertson
Click to buy Izzy’s first book

It’s a super read and it’s screaming out for a chilling sequel in our view!

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

It’s an absolute bargain at just 77p, well worth every penny and more.

Do let us know what you think about it and if you’d like to be kept abreast of Izzy ‘Darkpen’ Robertson’s future titles, be sure to click here and visit her blog and subscribe to her news feed.

Oh…one last thing…if you are old enough to remember and love, Tales of the Unexpected, make absolutely sure you keep an eye on what this lady is up to…

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