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Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic: Kindle Version Out Now

Lilly Laine, author of Action Plan For Living With An AlcoholicLilly Laine is having an absolutely fabulous week and undoubtedly celebrating her success as a newly published author with tea and biscuits!

Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic launched with us on Monday 10th March as a paperback and is doing well.

We are now delighted to let the world know that they can also buy the book in a Kindle version too via Amazon.

The book is a survival guide for partners of alcohol dependants and the author, Lilly is a wonderful lady who knows about what happens, all too well.

Her husband was 10 years alcohol addicted and Lilly felt she had tried everything to pull her life back together and to get him to stop, to no avail.

She changed her approach, dramatically and she kept her love for her husband at the centre of all she did. Her altered ways resulted in an eventual change that saw Lilly greatly recovered mentally and physically and her husband sober.

Buying a Kindle book couldn’t be simpler. Just hop onto the Amazon link here and you could be reading the book in less than 60 seconds. If you are the partner of an alcoholic and desperately looking for a new way to deal with your situation, a Kindle book is a nice discrete method of reading about a hopeful solution.

Well done Lilly Laine!

May we be the first to smash a vintage bottle of coffee on the side of your wonderful new book!

Paperback: £6.99 available same day despatch with 1st class shipping from our shop, plus P&P
Kindle: £4.99

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PS: You can find out more about Lilly by visiting her website,