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Magic Oxygen Shop Takes a New Consignment of The Breathing Wheel

Simon West of Magic Oxygen Publishing holds copies of The Breathing Wheel by Ant RavenwoodSimon West, our resident super-geek, is in the middle of creating a fancy widget thingie (don’t ask, it’s all alchemy to the rest of the team), which will allow you readers to have a sneaky peek through a few pages of our titles when you view them in our shop.

We haven’t a clue how he manages to make all these whizzbang gadgets and can only imagine he was very contented as a child when armed with a glass of milk, a chemistry lab kit or Meccano!

We’ll let you know as soon as our latest toy is ready to unveil, however, in the meantime I thought I’d let you know that we’ve just received a new consignment of Ant Ravenwood’s most excellent book for children, The Breathing Wheel!

It came out just before Christmas and is a smashing read. Ant has written a breathtaking soundtrack to the book – not a common occurrence from authors I can tell you – and he is currently touring the country in schools and libraries telling snippets of the story and giving his audience nibbles from the album that will be out later this year.

Ant keeps his blog vibrant with news about what he’s up to, his events, news and more and his website, is well worth a visit! If you subscribe to it, you’ll also hear news about the live show of the story that he’s performing, later this summer.

Here’s a little more about Ant:

Anthony Ravenwood was born in 1967 and lived in Northamptonshire most of his life. He’s a musician, actor and poet and has been a songwriter and performer for over 25 years.

As a schoolboy, Ant excelled in English, enjoying stretching his imagination and creating short stories. His passion for music and drama fuelled him to make a film in 1989 with friends from the amateur dramatics group he belonged to, using his own songs and script.

His musical activity increased and he regularly performed with local bands, embracing the role of lyric writer and musical director. In 1999, he co-wrote and performed a musical.

If you’d like to order a copy of The Breathing Wheel by Anthony Ravenwood click here, we will be delighted to fulfil your order and will post it out first class on the day you order it (providing the post office is still open of course).

It’s £6.99 plus P&P for the paperback, which is dependent upon where you are on the planet and it’s also available from Amazon for Kindle readers for just £2.99.

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