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It’s all about YOU!

I had the idea for this little poem buzzing round my head the other morning and had to get up to write it down.

By the way, sheep have very little to do with it.

I am a simple poet
who can string a line or two
my favourite of all the words
is short, and sweet, it’s “YOU”

My words use all the letters
and punctuation too
but if I chose my favourite
it would of course, be U

If I were a carpenter
I’d only work with yew
or I could be a shepherd
every day I’d care for ewe

but writing silly verses
is all that I can do
and so this simple poem
I dedicate to YOU!

Yours, in rhyme

2 thoughts on “It’s all about YOU!

  1. A super piece of silliness U say …

    I say I absolutely love U and thank U …

    YT x x x

  2. What a lovely little ditty. ThankYOU 😉 x

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