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The London Book Fair 2014

Cover of The London Book Fair 2014 DirectoryWhat a terrific three days we’ve had spreading the word about our talented authors at the London Book Fair in Earls Court.

Paperback copies of Dear Mother, Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic, The Breathing Wheel and more were shown to interested parties with great pride and we also discussed our forthcoming titles Children of the Crater and Off Her Facebook! the graphic novel amongst many others.

Rather coincidentally, the 1st day of the fair also shared the 1st anniversary of our inaugural paperback publication, Poetry of Divorce: for women by Tracey West.

Without wanting to sound too nostalgic – after all, it has only been 370 days – our compact and bijou team feel we’ve come a long way during that time. With almost 20 titles either out in paperback or e-book and the rest in production, it’s certainly not shabby progress in what is a very challenging, volatile and occasionally fickle market.

We spoke to countless publishers, distributors and affiliated service providers seeking tips on maximising, improving and streamlining our services, both to our authors and our readers and over the coming months we’ll be rolling out some rather innovative tools, including a highly funky Click to Look Inside widget, developed by the super-geeks at Swan Developments.

We joined the Independent Publishers Guild who have just celebrated their 50th year helping emerging companies like Magic Oxygen in this rather challenging industry. We are enormously excited to sit under their professional umbrella and are looking forward to having one to one meetings with some of the UKs leading book buyers in a short while as a result of our membership; nice perk!

Our confident team have also taken a terrifying leap of faith (well, in our heads at least) and decided to exhibit our titles at the London Book Fair in 2015 which will be held at Olympia. I must say, even with the most comfortable shoes and squidgy carpet, traversing the enormous aisles of EC1 and EC2, the main exhibition halls, I cannot imagine how we’ll manage to successfully see everything in a larger venue!

One thing’s for sure, my daily emotional outpouring (that’s tears to you) as I shared space with countless thousands of visitors, affirmed my belief that the paperback isn’t dead and isn’t about to be quashed or replaced with clever widgetary. The two co-exist and will continue to do so for as long as I can see into the future.

Printing processes have been improved, quality of inks for printing have found better ways of arriving on the paper, fountain pens are still as sexy as they have ever been and there are many other people on the planet who stand still, close their eyes, flick through a book from the front to the back cover and inhale the breeze from those enigmatic, provocative airborne volatile organic compounds…or smell the pages if you want it in short.

Paper is holding her own and The Team at Magic Oxygen Publishing will continue to feel surges of excitement when we get our sticky mitts on the first printed book, hot off the press from our new authors.

Long may it continue!

The (somewhat fatigued but pushing through it with organic tea) Team!