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Our Poet in Residence: Tracey West

Tracey West, author of Diary of Divorce: for women & menI do believe you have to have a bit of a quirky angle these days to get people to sit up and notice you on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s all very well if you just want to natter to friends and random strangers about what’s happening in the land of Dr Who and the like, but if you have a business message you want to spread across the globe, you need to do something slightly more edgy than pen a witty 149 characters of key blurb.

So, we thought we’d appoint a Poet in Residence to scrawl a few catchy lines on our Twitter feed and who better to anoint than our very own Tracey West, author of the successful Poetry of Divorce: for Women and performance poet of the same.

Unfortunately, we think she may have set the bar a bit high. Since she started Tweeting on the 26th March – just a week ago – she’s written 86 of the little chaps!

Her modus operandi generally is to send a welcoming Tweet to anyone that follows our feed and her timing for producing a suitable response is about a minute and a half…she has nailed one in about 48 seconds…I know, I was watching.

If you’d like to put her to the test and receive a Westy 4-line special, follow Magic Oxygen Books on Twitter and sit back and wait…for about minute…

The Team

PS: Here are a few of my favourites!

It’s chilly out there
I’m sat here in a fleece
We’ve a new book, do look at
Our HOT press release!  

Oh! I’ve just been reminded
That it is now doughnut o’clock
With tea on the side for a wash down
It should shift any limp writer’s block

A hatchet reporter
With razor sharp tools
For writers who offend
Her exacting rules
…& quite right too!…

Encouraging writers
A worth profession
When they sell their 1st book
Oh those facial expressions!

We couldn’t promote
A much better outlook
Excitement resides
On the insides of books!

We’re positively chuffed
That you’re following our thread
But must confirm, our House Poet’s
Most certainly not dead!