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Children of the Crater: Out Now!

Connor Cadellin McKeeIf Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick and Article 5 by Kristen Simmons tick your box, prepare to be equally thrilled by Children of the Crater.

It is the début novel from a dynamic new author, Connor Cadellin McKee and is a deeply dark dystopian story born from a vibrant dream the author had when he was just 16.  He awoke with an urgent desire to record the vivid, intimate details from the most incredible scenes he’d lived through during his sleeping hours, all of which left him positively breathless.

Thankfully, he grabbed a notepad and pen and did just that.

Cover of Children of the Crater by Connor Cadellin McKeeConnor explains, ‘From the man tumbling down into a huge crater ringed with riot police, flying above the night sky with green flames writhing across my skin and the long-house hidden deep in the jungle; the whole thing was fantastic. I wanted to meet these characters and to learn their story’.

Over a tiny handful of years, Connor breathed life into these amazing beings and many more and at the age of 21, his dream has been fully realised in the pages of a riveting paperback.

The book’s editor is fantasy fiction author Izzy Robertson (When Joe Met Alice and Catching Up With the Past), also an avid Sci-Fi lover. She issues this cursory warning to potential readers: ‘Reading this is like being strapped into the highest, steepest, fastest, most exhilarating roller-coaster you’ve ever been on and when you get back to the start, finding the operator has gone for lunch and left it on Go!’

Praise indeed from a talented writer herself.

Children of the Crater unfolds a tale of a gene-altering asteroid strike that changes the world forever. Earth has now become a playground for the Vanir, beings of immense power in a war against the government death squads and you follow Fenrir’s struggle for survival in his battle to become the strongest of them all in a world where only the ruthless survive.

If you like your stories action-packed and verbally colourful, it will leave you clamouring for the next bloodthirsty instalment which I am delighted to inform you is already on its way.

Click here to whet your appetite and read a sample of Connor’s adventure with our Look in the Book feature.

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£6.99 paperback
148mm x 210mm (A5)
230 pages
ISBN 1910094102
£2.96 eBook
ISBN 1910094115
Publication date: 26th May 2014

Available from the Magic Oxygen shop and all other good book retailers.

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2 thoughts on “Children of the Crater: Out Now!

  1. I didn’t breathe very often while I was reading this, but it’s not only incredibly exciting, it leaves you wrestling with some really deep questions about humanity, morals and how far we will go to protect those we care about. Can’t wait for the sequel!
    P.S, Please can I edit it?!

    1. Izzy you are on the list of potential editors… and the list for Connor’s next book is one person long! We wouldn’t consider asking anyone else.

      Kind regards

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