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The Magic Oxygen Literary Competition & Awards

Magic Oxygen Competition TypewriterWe are incredibly excited and enormously proud to trickle out a few details of our first literary competition.

The full details and entry requirements will be announced here towards the end of June 2014.

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The competition will invite entries from unpublished and established writers around the globe and we hope our prizes are tempting enough to get you reaching for your metaphorical pencil sharpeners.

  • 1st Prize £1,000
  • 2nd Prize £300
  • 3rd Prize £100
  • 2 Highly Commended Prizes of £50

Additionally, the winning entries will find their way into a paperback book, giving spectacular springboard exposure to this talented collective and we’ll plant trees for everyone that makes it through to the short-list.

If your fingers are itching with adjectives and twitching with verbs, I bet you’re aching to know whether you need to craft a piece of flash fiction, a short story or a piece of poetry.

All will be revealed soon…