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The Only Literary Competition in the World Planting Trees for Every Entry #MOLP

Ru Hartwell: Magic Oxygen Word Forest Co-ordinator
Ru Hartwell: Magic Oxygen Word Forest Co-ordinator

It’s a bit of a bold statement I know, but hand on heart and to the best of our Google-Fu, the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize – fondly referred to as #MOLP – is the only writing competition committed to planting a tree for every single entry received.

We’ll even send the entrant the GPS co-ordinates for their tree!

We’ve teamed up with a truly committed green-soul, Ru Hartwell, the founding director of Treeflights (the first carbon offset planting project of its kind) and actively involved in several other worldwide planting projects, including the Size of Wales, Tree-Nation and the Community Carbon Link Project amongst others.

Ru is the Magic Oxygen Word Forest Co-ordinator and he’s incredibly excited about the possibilities of what our competition could do, if things go as well as we hope and we receive lots of entries.

Ru explains, ‘The trees will be planted together near the Kundeni School in Bore, Kenya. It is quite dry up there so they will be particularly drought resistant types like neem, gmelina and casuarina. These species are mostly grown for their timber which is used for house building and is in high demand down there as there is a bit of an economic boom going on in the coastal resorts.

By growing trees that are needed at the coast, we aim to help the community share in the boom, which needless to say, they are largely excluded from at the moment. After only 3 years a casuarina roofing pole can be sold locally for over £10! They have to pay a fair bit in transport but there is a ready market for this type of timber, partly because there is so little of their original forest left.’

You can click here to see a short video of a tree planting project near the Kundeni School as part of the Carbon Exchange project in 2009.

Don’t forget as well as trees for all the entries, there is also a £1,000 first prize, £300 second, £100 third and there will be 2 x £50 highly commended prizes too, plus all of the short-listed winners will be put in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology.

We’ll be launching details of what we want you to write about very soon, so sharpen your virtual pencils and get ready to plant your most imaginative thoughts in a word document.

Will it be poetry, a short story, flash fiction, or something else?

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2 thoughts on “The Only Literary Competition in the World Planting Trees for Every Entry #MOLP

  1. I am so enormously pleased that we have been able to do this, I am like a child on Christmas day with a pile of toys bigger than me! The day the first entry comes in I might just explode with excitement!

  2. I cannot wait to tell everyone what’s required of them…there will be a spangly countdown going up soon…keep an eye on this site…x

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