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#MOLP News Flash!

Neem Trees Being Planted for #MOLP
A neem tree, one of three types being planted for every entry to the Magic Oxygen Literary Competition

The important details of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize are several steps closer to reaching your ears, eyes and crucially, your fingers!

You will be able to enter two categories this year, namely short stories and poetry.

The exact word and line count will be announced very soon along with the rules and details of our amazing sponsor for this year.

Keep an eye on our site, or subscribe to our feed to find out precisely what is required from your vivid imaginations as soon as we announce it.

In the meantime, please help us spread the news about #MOLP, the only literary competition in the world with a £3,000 prize fund that will be planting trees for every single entry.

Ever So Proudly.

The Team