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Magic Oxygen Publishing: Powered by Creativity and Sunshine

The Nissan LeafMy lovely eco-husband Simon West and I are very proud of our eco-principles in both our business and personal life and most excited to share a bit of big green news with you.

Yesterday, we took delivery of a Nissan Leaf, a zero-emission electric vehicle that will help us reduce our driving costs to around 2p per mile.

It’s a sexy black kitten of a car (not the one pictured above of course) and makes even less noise than a real furry one. I kid you not, there’s not even a purr, it’s silent!

Our journeys will need more careful preparation and planning – not something that comes naturally to me if I’m honest – however, with around a 120 mile range on a full charge and necessary stops along the way for charging (and drinking coffee while it does) I’m confident we’ll soon learn how to bend and sway with the needs of the vehicle.

If you’ve read our Environmental Policy page, you’ll know we are powered by Good Energy at home, the only 100% renewable, sustainable electricity provider, which makes our source energy the best we can possibly make it.

When we find a moment to raise our heads from necessary competition preparations, which are going remarkably well incidentally, we will be sketching out a few sign-writing designs.

We were thinking something along the lines of:-

Magic Oxygen Publishing: powered by creativity and sunshine

Do you have any other cool green ideas for the wording?

The Team

2 thoughts on “Magic Oxygen Publishing: Powered by Creativity and Sunshine

  1. How about ‘Magic Oxygen: helping plants and ideas bloom ‘ ?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I like your thinking there!


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