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Why Are We Planting Our Word Forest in Kenya?

That’s a very good question and if you are about to enter our Literary Competition, it might be one you’re keen to find out the answer to.

Ru Hartwell is the Magic Oxygen Word Forest Coordinator and he is responsible for overseeing (and getting his hands very dirty) on many global tree planting projects.

One of his biggest and most recent projects was with Size of Wales, which aimed to bring everyone in Wales together to help sustain an area of tropical forest the same size as Wales, as part of a national response to climate change.

‘An area the size of Wales’ is frequently used to measure the rate of forest destruction. Through this project Ru and his colleagues aimed to turn that negative use of the country’s size on its head, by encouraging the people of Wales to take positive action and help protect an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of their nation.

On 1st March 2013 Size of Wales supporters successfully reached the target of raising £2 million to help protect an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of Wales!

An environmental charity, Size of Wales unites communities, businesses, organisations and schools to help protect 2 million hectares of rainforest and forge lasting links with some of the world’s poorest people.

We hope the Magic Oxygen Word Forest in Bore, Kenya will also make a great contribution to cooling the planet and helping the local community and school, just like this project and we feel it couldn’t be in safer hands than those of Ru Hartwell.

Thank you Ru, from the bottom of our heart.

The Team