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Can You Pot Your Summer into a Short Story or Poem?

front_loresIf it’s quirky and has entertaining read-back value, why not sling it in as an entry to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize!

We’ve had a marvellous response to the launch of our inaugural writing competition and received some fabulously diverse entries already.

We’ve had sad, funny, criminal, quirky, romantic, saucy and more than a modicum of bizarre; all in all, a perfect blend.

A handful of this week’s entries have sprinklings of sunshine and adventure in them and I suspect the delightful UK summer (rarer than a lesser spotted twitchernit) inspired a few of our entrants to grab a pen and party.

How about you?

Mark Twain knew precisely what he was talking about when he said, Write what you know!’

So, dear creative and excitable writers everywhere, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions.

wp-content/uploads/2014/06/front_lores1.pngOver the past few months:-

  • Have you had any bizarre life changing experiences – or life affirming ones for that matter – that have nudged you towards a pen and some notepaper?
  • Have you met the perfect partner, or dumped the world’s worst love, either of which left you wanting to spill the lyrical beans owp-content/uploads/2014/06/front_lores1.pngn what occurred?
  • Have you felt so emotionally moved by an event that you’re now as bubbly as a flagon full of human lemonade?

Tell me about it!

No, I mean it…really tell me all about it.

If your summer has been the best since the one where sliced bread was invented, weave it into an entertaining cloth, be sure to change the names where appropriate so as to protect the innocent, then send it on in.

Think Bridget Jones or Adrian Mole, think Hazel Grace Lancaster or Anastasia Steele if you like, we’re all broad minded here you know.

At the very least, we’ll plant a tree for every single entry we receive and we’ll send you the GPS coordinates once the competition has finished at the end of November. There’s also a £3,000 purse to win which I’m sure will tempt you more and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll put the winners in print too.

You never know, you know…

The Team