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How Alex Smith & Josh Woodward Brought #MOLP to Life

#MOLP, as you may already be aware, is our fond family name for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

We launched our teaser trailer video at the beginning of June and it has proved to be a very successful little marketing tool to get it out into the world.

It was created by Alex Smith, a 16 year old student at the time, who was delighted to make it to boost his portfolio as he prepared to set off on a quest for a permanent job as a graphic designer.

Tracey West was the creative director for the project and Simon West started the ball rolling by selecting the soundtrack that the promo was to be set to. Simon knew exactly where to seek out the perfect piece of music and headed straight towards singer and songwriter Josh Woodward. Lovers of Ubuntu will easily recognise the demo music he created for Canonicalclick here to listen; incidentally, Josh won the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase 10.10 with it!

Once Simon had the perfect track, he trimmed it down to a tidy 36 second snippet and his many years as a radio producer and presenter came in very handy. Then it was time to hand it over to the other creative duo, Tracey and Alex.

Tracey wanted to emphasise the eco elements of the competition with clean, clear text and messages and Alex developed a beautiful set of colours that were to be the #MOLP theme. He created flowers, trees, insects, birds and people, he made and manipulated each and every blade of grass and he even made the spinning wind turbine which appears at the end which rotates rather majestically, revealing that #MOLP is trending.

One of Tracey’s favourite snips is the ladybird that leaps to the beat of the music, then blinks and flies away, leaving the flowers spinning in her wake, as music and imagery combine with millisecond precision.

Wrapping everything up with the soundtrack, I thought you might like to see the video Josh Woodward created with the extended vocal version of the musical snippet we used; it’s called Golden Sunrise and it’s fabulous.

The teaser trailer evolved into a piece of work the whole team were immensely proud of, so much so, we’ve decided to enter it for an award for the Best Use of Digital in a Marketing Campaign in the FutureBook Awards – please keep your digits crossed…

Don’t worry, we’re realistic, it’s going to be up against some of the big publishing giants who have millions to spend on their advertising; the thickest end our budget was blown on organic tea, coffee and milk.

We can dream – stranger things have happened!

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