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The Lyme Literary Festival: 9-15 February 2015

Lyme Regis Beach2015 – I hear you cry – that’s ages away!

Might I be the first to remind you that in just over 12 weeks, we’ll be on the run up to Christmas; eek…

It’s fantastic news that Lyme Regis is going to have its own literary festival and quite right too, there’s heaps of talent in them there hills and we should know, we’re publishing some of it.

Simon and I are willingly assisting the organisers and doing all we can to ensure the events are packed with talks, workshops, interviews, performances and more, from some of the most entertaining and informative writers this side of the Watford Gap…we might even get some in from further than that.

Several of our amazing authors will be launching brand new titles including Chris Hill, former winner of The Bridport Prize, with his cracking novel The Pick-Up Artist and Max Brandt with Blind Cupid, a chilling tale that we advise you only to read during daylight hours.

If you’d like to plan a visit to the festival, I advise you to hop onto and subscribe to receive the updates as they happen, or there’s a Facebook page if you prefer.

See you there!

The Team