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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize: can you help spread the word?

KnotI know, I know, I’m being a tad ambitious but after penning our recent post about where entries for our literary competition originated from, I started thinking about the places we haven’t yet reached.

If I could just nip around to your house – yes you – I promise you faithfully, I would bring biscuits, I’d get your kettle on for tea and I’d give you a little poster about it to put up in your local library or surgery, or anywhere else you fancy come to that.

Unfortunately, rather like Anastasia Steele, I’m a little bit tied up at the moment…oh my.

The 6-week childcare marathon (ehem, I mean the summer holidays) has kept our office on their parental toes and we’ve been far busier than usual. Now the young ‘uns have returned to school, we’re gratefully drowning in peace and quiet and climbing up email mountain in the most reliable footwear we can find.

However, while we’re busily wearing the letters off our keyboards with busy digits, I can point you in the direction of some rather funky posters for our competition.

Please help me quash my desire to learn there’s a poster up in the National Library of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, or the William Mulloy Library on Easter Island, or anywhere in between either destination.

Click on the links below to download our posters and pop the news on your blog, or print them out and put them up to help us spread the word about the only competition in the world that is planting a tree for every single entry.

Poster for blogs

A4 sized poster

A4 sized poster with full bleed and crop marks

Letter sized poster

Letter sized poster with full bleed and crop marks

Thank you kindly.

The Team

PS: Recycled paper is fine; our poster will be very happy to be the backside of something else!