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Our New Titles: The Empire of Evil

Cover of The Empire of Evil by Gordon StrongIt is with much pride and a shiver in our spines that we unveil the cover for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong.

Gordon is a fabulous magick and mystery writer with a passion for knights, tarot and Arthurian legend.

The Empire of Evil is a particularly special book, as it punctuates him taking a break from his established genre and venturing into a new literary landscape. Movies, detectives and international conspiracy feature in forthcoming novels, which will be published exclusively by us.

For long-time fans of Gordon’s work, don’t panic, his content is as vibrant and entertaining as ever; we know, we’ve seen the next book!

The Empire of Evil was a delight for us to work on and the resplendently cryptic, galaxy-laden eye you see before you was shot by Andy Wright Studios. It features a very small part of a incredibly talented make-up artist called Christina Carducci. Our enormous thanks go to their professional team for extracting precisely what we had in our heads.

Our tech and web team are busily ferreting away creating a new deeply dark website for Gordon but you can take a look at his existing one for details of his back catalogue by visiting

When we pull the dusty gold plaited cord that lifts the heavy velvet curtain to reveal V2, you’ll know all about it because we’ll yell it from the creepy rooftops right here, so stay tuned or subscribe to our blog posts and be one of the first to know.

For now my darklings, click on the full cover below and enjoy the first tingly feelings from Gordon’s forthcoming title. He will be joining us down in Dorset at the Lyme Literary Festival between the 9th and 15th February, when The Empire of Evil will be officially launched.

Front and back cover of The Empire of Evil by  Gordon Strong

Click here to let us know if you’d like to reserve and guarantee a first edition signed copy from the author at £7.99 + £1.50 P&P if you require posting.

Unnervingly yours,

The Teeeeeemmmmm
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exit stage left…