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Drawing the Winner of Our Kindle Fire Competition!

Kindle Fire TabletTo help us promote our prestigious Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, we decided to do a fabulous give-away of a Kindle Fire tablet in a free draw.

To qualify, we asked entrants to share our teaser trailer on their networks and do a few other bits and pieces (take a look at the rules if you’d like to enter, there’s still a little time left).

The response has been amazing. We have received entries from all over the world but predominantly from the UK and on Thursday 20th November we will do the draw live on Apple FM with the lovely Phil Hodgson on his Drive Time show.

An independent adjudicator will check that the entrant has fulfilled all the criteria set out in the rules and providing all is well, their name will be announced and the gorgeous Kindle Fire will be wrapped up and popped in the post.

You can tune in to the broadcast live to find out who the winner is by clicking here, but if you’re not able to, don’t worry, we’ll post the details here shortly thereafter.

Our goal to build a schoolhouse at the Kundeni School and to create a huge tropical Word Forest in their community in Bore, Kenya is becoming a reality with every passing day.

In an article about the school by The Handshake, they state, ‘Many of the students and also the teachers, stay at the school over night for the working week, due to the distance they travel in order to attend. There are no dorms, however. There are a couple of mud houses for the teachers to reside in, but the students spend their nights sleeping in the classrooms. Classrooms without doors, open to the elements of the evening bush.’

‘Although every child in Bore attends school, 200 out of the 300 students walk bare foot, some students’ families cannot afford a school uniform. But I have never seen happier students, so keen and eager to learn and to play. These are the students who not only need but truly deserve adequate classrooms, materials, food and a protective place to sleep.’

We will build a schoolhouse that will help the children to study and sleep in a safe environment and the entire team at Magic Oxygen give heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped to spread the message about our literary prize; that’s what’s going to make the classroom and forest possible.

So, thanks to one and all for sharing our teaser trailers by below and if you haven’t done so already but now feel inspired, simply watch the videos and click their share buttons via YouTube, or the share buttons at the bottom of this article and let’s see if we can take the forest up another notch!

With love,

The Team